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The Livability Australia team give you the time you need to discuss what your needs are and any challenges you face in your daily life. This builds an individualised approach to support and keeps you firmly at the centre of your own life. Your own choices and direction enables you full control of how you want your supports to approach your goals. Each service delivered by Livability Australia is from highly trained and experienced staff who are reliable, committed and passionate about their work.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living (SIL). SIL is specialist support cluster which enables providers to provide 24/7 support to people within the community. The framework for this model of support varies from participant to participant but the common goal is development of life skills and the ability to continue living in the community with an appropriate levels of support. To be eligible for SIL you must be able to demonstrate that you are unable to live in the community alone. Livability Australia can help you with this if you meet the criteria. Livability Australia’s SIL program is centred around providing a homely environment to participants and steering away from some of the more clinical approaches. We work very closely with families and participants to ensure that individuals are matched correctly and support plans are modelled around individual goals and participant interests.

Community Access and Social Support

Being involved in your local community and taking part in the things you enjoy are vital parts of a happy life. If you need support to be able to get out, join groups or clubs, and participate in the world around you, we have the support staff to enable this. We match our clients with staff who have common interests so that each experience is friendly, fun and something you can look forward to with confidence. Livability Australia staff support social facilitation and assist you to meet people, make friends and build relationships and networks.

Coordination of Supports

Our coordinators are experienced in all aspects of NDIS coordination including engageing with Service providers and ensuring service agreements are met. By creating consistency and clarity when focusing on your requirements, coordinators empower clients to set goals, implement plans and achieve goals.

Livability Coordinators can also support you through Life stage transitions, which can be anything from transitioning from school life to work life, moving from a the family home into your own home or shared living or any phase in life where you need extra support to plan and implement your goals. Speak with our expert team about how we can assist you in transitioning your life into something exciting and self directed.

Life Skills Development

We are aware that people require different levels of support to develop and maintain new life skills.

Livability Australia provide highly trained staff to assist participants with things like learning how to catch public transport, cooking meals, budgeting or even just scheduling your week. We believe it is of great importance to develop new skills and build capacity as it allows participants more independence and with commitment can assist in achieving the NDIA goals that are set out in the participants plan. We work with the participant to ensure they are working with staff that are compatible to their needs, set goals and put plan in place to achieve them.

When working with clients, we ensure their goals are specific, measurable, atainable, relevant and time bound to ensure transparency and positive outcomes.

In-Home Support

We understand that everone is different and has varying degrees of abilities and support needs to remain in their own home and participate in in-home activities. Using a person centered approach, our staff provide support to manage personal care, medication and domestic duties in the home. Support can also be provided to assist individuals to undertake these activities if or when required, including social interactions for those who struggle to leave their home. All support is provided in a respectful, kind and dignified manner.

House & Yard Maintenance

House and yard maintenance assistance is available to support individuals to manage tennancy commitments and keep yards neat and tidy. Lawn mowing, hedge managment, weeding and general tidy ups are all part of the service which is provided by maintenance professionals.


It is generally accepted that for most people, the ability to access social and community networks and participate in community activities enhances mental and physical wellbeing. Engaging with the community is a part of what defines independence and happiness for many people.

Staff provided by Livability Australia support individuals to access the community, attend appointments and social events, use public transport, travel safely in their own vehicles and get out and about safely.

Employment Services

Our staff support individuals in the workplace to maintain and retain employment. Assistance is provided to manage workloads and uses a strengths based approach to identify skills and areas for personal and professional development. Support is also provided to teach people to be job ready, stay on task, manage their time, achieve career goals and to be as independent as possible.

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